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Minutemen Wood Design

Large Duty and Tactical Gear Rack Thin Blue Line Double Belt Hanger with USB/120v Power Strip

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Large Duty and Tactical Gear Rack with double belt hanger with USB/120v Power Strip Duty gear rack features 2 belt hangers, 1 vest hanger, and a 120v / USB Power strip to charge your phone, flashlight, or radio.

Power strip has 2 outlet plugs and two USB charge ports with a 9.85 extension cord Large shelf has plenty of space to hold your flashlight, radio charger, and other gear Rack hangs on the wall with a full length 30" French cleat without need to put screws through the rack.

Size: 32" x 12" x 6" ( W x H x L)

IMPORTANT NOTE: My typical completion/build time before shipping is 10-14 days. I ship through Fedex for the best rates and their shipping time varies on location but typically is 3-7 days.